Karaca Arboretum
Karaca Arboretum
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Tulip Mania swept through Holland in the early 17th century when Manisa tulips were exported from Turkey to Europe. The price of tulip bulbs rose to extraordinary levels before crashing dramatically. A form of Tulip Mania continues in Turkey today, but only in terms of the vast numbers of tulips to be seen in the parks and gardens of the vibrant city of Istanbul.

After enjoying this spectacle we tour the Anatolian countryside on our way to the coast, visiting an excellent arboretum, a National Park, which is home to scores of rare plants, and the slopes of Spil Mountain, the origin of those Manisa tulips. We will also take the opportunity to explore some of the peerless archaeological sites found here in Anatolia, such as Assos, with its impressive theatre, and Ephesus, the largest classical city to have been excavated.

Tour highlights:

  • Visits to two of the gardens hosting the Istanbul Tulip Festival
  • Karaca Arboretum, filled with majestic specimen trees
  • Botanising on the slopes of Mount Ida and Mount Spil
  • Exploring the outstanding archaeological sites of Assos and Ephesus
  • Olive oil and wine tasting
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  • Meals - as per the itinerary
  • Comfortable coach travel throughout
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