Glasgow Riverside Museum
Glasgow Riverside Museum

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Join us at the Riverside Museum for a memorable day discovering the history of shipbuilding, trains and trams in Glasgow. We are joined by one of the curators for an introductory talk to learn about the Riverside Museum, a brief overview of the history of shipbuilding in Glasgow as well as the story of the SS Athenia that was attacked by a German submarine in 1939 before heading for lunch in the restaurant. This afternoon our curator will then guide us through the museum on an exclusive tour of the transport collection providing an in-depth insight and answering any questions there may be. We will also have exclusive access to objects that are normally hidden from visitors, after which you are then free to explore the rest of the museum at your leisure.

Riverside Museum was designed by the acclaimed Dame Zaha Hadid and first opened its doors in 2011 after taking nearly four years to build. This award-winning museum is bursting with over 3000 artefacts covering everything from skateboards to locomotives. There are trains, trams and busses to board so you can really get a feel for the transport of bygone eras. Located on the banks of the River Clyde and with Glasgow’s rich ship building past it is the perfect place to delve into this facet of the city’s history. 

Over 80 years ago the SS Athenia was crossing from Glasgow to Canada when in September 1939 she was attacked and sunk by a German submarine with over 1000 passengers onboard. Remarkably only 122 people lost their lives, but the deliberate sinking of the SS Athenia prompted the United States to pledge their support to Britain and France during World War Two. There is a detailed exhibition at the Riverside Museum which is dedicated to retelling the story and includes recovered items.

Tour highlights:

  • Introductory talk from the curator about the Riverside Museum, Glasgow’s ship building history and the SS Athenia
  • One hour tour with the curator through the transport collection including access to objects normally not seen by visitors
  • Delightful Two-course lunch with tea and coffee
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