Schilthorn Meadow
Schilthorn Meadow

Here at Brightwater Holidays, we strive for excellence and we communicate regularly with you to understand how we can improve what it is that we do. One issue that keeps coming up in your feedback is that of solo supplements. You've been telling us that they are too high across the travel industry and that you often feel disadvantaged for travelling alone. 

Well, we listened. You’ll be delighted to know that not only have we increased our single places by more than 33% for 2022, meaning we have a fantastic selection of vacations that are single supplement free, we also have a selection of 2021 departures with no single supplement to pay. Browse our broad range of fabulous destinations here. 


Autumn Tints of the Lake District

Departs 31st October 2021

Historic Houses of the Scottish Borders

Departs 22nd October 2021

Gardens of Madeira

Departs 1st November 2021

Gardens of Northumberland

Departs 23rd July 2021

Departs 22nd August 2021



Arts & Gardens of the North West

Departs 8th May 2022

Departs 31st July 2022

Departs 11th September 2022

Castles & Houses of Lincolnshire

Departs 23rd April 2022

Departs 25th June 2022

Departs 30th September 2022

Colours of the Lake District

Departs 2nd May 2022

Departs 31st October 2022

Undiscovered Orkney

Departs 23rd June 2022

Departs 25th August 2022

Alpine Flowers of Wengen

Departs 30th June 2022

Historic Houses of the Scottish Borders

Departs 25th April 2022

Departs 26th June 2022

Departs 25th September 2022

Private Gardens of Caithness & Sutherland

Departs 27th June 2022

Departs 12th July 2022

Best of Ayrshire Gardens

Departs 23rd May 2022

Departs 18th July 2022

Queen Victoria & the Isle of Wight

Departs 14th August 2022

Departs 21st August 2022