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Throughout history Romania has stood at the frontier of empires, having been part of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and more recently the Communist empire that spread west from Soviet Russia after the Second World War. Now fully open to the west and developing fast, Romania offers a rich and varied archaeological and historical heritage, from relics of the ancient kingdom of Dacia (82BC-106AD) to Roman ruins, former Saxon-German colonies and dramatic castles.

We take you to the heart of Romania, starting in the glorious capital city of Bucharest. As we start to unravel Romania’s timeline we discover the medieval town of Sibiu, founded in the 12th century by Saxon settlers and the later town of Sighișoara, famed for its Swiss clock tower. Romania’s rich history has seen many civilisations pass through, none of which are more apparent than in Ulpia Traiana. Once the former capital of Roman Dacia, all that remains of this great city now are the ruins of what was once the political, administrative and religious centre of Dacia. We pass spectacular scenery such as the much understated Orăștie mountains and the Bucegi mountains, where the snow-capped peaks are dotted with alpine forests. Bram Stoker’s novel, Count Dracula, is synonymous with the region and on the border of Transylvania and Wallachia stands the magnificent Bran Castle, which with its imposing towers and turrets is often thought of as Dracula’s lair.

Tour highlights:

  • The National Museum of History, containing treasures from all over Romania
  • Two thousand years of history all in one place at Alba Iulia
  • The remarkable sanctuaries of Sarmisegetuza Regia
  • More vampire legends than you can shake a clove of garlic at!
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