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The gateway to Africa, Morocco is culturally rich in addition to being packed with history and filled with dazzling architecture. From sprawling deserts to bustling cities and even mountain ranges, a holiday here is a diverse one. April and May are thought to be among the best months to visit, due to the pleasant and sunny climate, and with myriad gardens and grounds to wander around, this couldn’t be more ideal. Spend time exploring the busy workshops of dyers, tinsmiths, leather makers and wood painters; discover the sumptuous palace of Dar el Basha; and soak up the heady atmosphere of this unforgettable North African country.

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Country Information - Morocco

  • Visa: British nationals do not require a visa in order to visit Morocco and can stay for up to three months. The same applies to U.S. citizens who wish to visit for up to 90 days, however there must be at least six months of validity in U.S. citizens’ passports from the arrival date.

  • Currency: The local currency used in Morocco is Dirham, which you’ll see denoted as MAD or Dhs.

  • Packing advice: Packing clothing that can be layered is essential when preparing for a trip to Morocco because the days can be hot, the nights cool off quickly and the weather can change dramatically between areas and altitudes, and from desert to mountain.

  • Language: The country’s two official state languages are Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Berber (Tamazigh), with English often being spoken in major tourist centres.

  • Cultural differences:

  • Tipping: While tipping is discretionary, it is common practice to round up bills in cafés and restaurants. Some establishments will add a service charge to your total, but if this isn’t the case then adding between 10 and 15% is perfectly fine.