Baobabs, Madagascar
Baobabs, Madagascar

Madagascar – A Plant Lover's Paradise

If you’re going to travel, why not go the distance and visit someplace in a corner of the world you’ve not yet experienced? Tempted? We have just the location… Join us next year in wild and beautiful Madagascar for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Flora & Fauna of Madagascar | 15 days | From £4,995

Departing next year on November 5th and more suited toward travellers with a confident level of mobility, this tour is a real treat for any lover of nature.

  • Be treated to a nocturnal visit to discover the smallest species of chameleons, frogs and lemurs in all of Madagascar’s vast rainforest
  • Admire incredible endemic plantlife, from the large epiphytic tree fern Aspelnium nidus and the instantly recognisable baobabs, to the unusual and woody euphorbias
  • Take a canoe to the Vakona reserve, where forests house different species of lemurs
  • Wander along white sandy beaches that are bordered by gorgeous turquoise waters

November is a great time of year to explore Madagascar. Its capital, Antananarivo, has a pleasant average temperature of 21 °C and we both begin and end our tour here.

Where cuisine is concerned, this country has borrowed influences from French, Arabic, Indian and African cultures, making its regional food flavourful and diverse. A popular dish, especially over the festive season, is akoho sy voanio – coconut chicken with rice. Zebu cattle are considered the main source of meat and although it’s renowned for being a fairly tough product, in many dishes it is cooked for long periods of time until very tender. You won’t want to miss the chance to sample the mangosteen – perhaps the most exotic of this country’s fruits. It should be noted that you can’t drink tap water here, so bottled water is advisable. A popular drink, however, is ranonapango – or burned rice water. A pot of rice is overcooked and then boiling water is added to it to take on the flavour. This water is then poured out, chilled and served.

If you're dreaming of a Madagascan getaway, treat yourself to a place on this unforgettable tour and let our experts take you to the best places to spot rare flora and fauna, responsibly and comfortably. 

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