The Nymph Garden, Ninfa
The Nymph Garden, Ninfa

Looking For Things To Do In Rome?

If you're thinking about taking a holiday to Italy's bustling capital of Rome, you might be wondering what to do there? Whether you want to know why Rome is nicknamed the Eternal City, you're curious about how it fell or you simply want to explore its iconic sites such as the Colosseum or Trevi Fountain, a visit to this part of the country is never dull.

One of the things that would top our list every time is a trip to the glorious gardens of Ninfa, which you may have seen Monty Don visit on his Italian Gardens mini-series for the BBC back in 2016. Considered to be among the most romantic of all the world's gardens, Ninfa is well worth a visit and we have everything you might want to know before packing your bags and heading for this fabulous destination. 

Where are the Gardens of Ninfa located?

The magnificent Gardens of Ninfa (Giardini di Ninfa) are located around 40 miles south of Italy's capital Rome, in the Lazio region. 

How do I get to Ninfa from Rome?

If you want to take the trip independently of a group, you'll either have to drive there from the city (anticipate a drive of at least 75 minutes, what with traffic) or take a train to Latina and then catch the shuttle bus to Ninfa. Without a car or private transport as part of a tour group, getting here can prove quite challenging.

How do I tour Ninfa Gardens?

You can either join a group tour that includes transport both from and back to Rome, or you can arrive at the gardens independently and then join a guided tour on the spot. Due to the ancient surroundings and nature of the site, you can't visit Ninfa by yourself and a guide is required. These tours are around 50 minutes in duration typically, with a few tours per day being given in the English language – the remainder are conducted in Italian. It's also worth noting that visiting times are limited, so plan ahead. 

We might be biased, but we would recommend you treat yourself to a place on our Rome - Ninfa and Castel Gandolfo tour. As one of our longest-running itineraries, we know Ninfa inside and out and we can offer you fantastic insight into the grounds as part of our visit there. The guided tour we offer here runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and will give you ample to time to explore in full. 

What are the gardens like?

Here, you can admire flower-covered ancient ruins in a setting as close to gardening perfection as you might be able to imagine. Scented roses, hydrangeas and jasmines curtain what remains of the walls of medieval buildings. Paths meander beside a crystal-clear river. This garden has been declared a Natural Monument by the Lazio Region and its beauty makes it easy to see why. Around 1,300 botanical species can be found here over a total of eight acres, and there are many examples of tree, such as birch, cherry, apple and tulip. 

Ninfa's history

The Gardens of Ninfa have a turbulent history. They were burnt in 1382 and beset by malaria, the village of Ninfa was then abandoned and lay deserted for hundreds of years. After the mosquito hazard was removed in 1922 by draining the surrounding marshes, the Duchess of Sermoneta and her son Prince Caetani began to lay out a romantic garden among the village ruins. At least 10,000 plants were collected and planting has continued ever since giving Ninfa an entrancing beauty where flowers from all over the world thrive in glorious companionship.

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Looking For Things To Do In Rome? was published on 10 April 2019