Karaca Arboretum
Karaca Arboretum

Flower Power in 2021

If you've been missing wandering among glorious flowers in wonderful gardens due to the travel restrictions, why not give yourself something to look forward to and book a place on one of our new Botanical Tours in 2021? With just two to choose from, you can start counting down the days until you next get to admire blooms in manicured beds or pause to botanise in a beautiful location.

Spring Flowers in Crete

Crete is a place of great, unspoilt natural beauty, offering the plant lover an absolute treat in terms of the variety of flora to be found, thanks to the island’s climate, position, altitude and terrain. The first 3 nights will be spent in the resort of Chania. Here, you'll visit the Akrotiri peninsula to see olive groves and a profusion of interesting flowers. There will be a spectacular journey to the Omalos Plateau at the top of the Samaria Gorge – Europe’s longest gorge – a beautiful natural feature with stunning views and magnificent wildflowers. Moving on to the tour’s second base in the Rethymnon area, you'll visit the Minoan Palace of Knossos. The tour will also visit the flower-carpeted hillside of the Plakias Gorge and it will be led by plant expert Julia Corden, of the Explorer’s Garden in Pitlochry, who will be in her element among the stunning wildflowers of Crete.

Departing 12th April, 2021 | 8 days from £1,395pp

Gardens & Archaeology in Turkey

Tulip mania swept through Holland in the early 17th century, when Manisa tulips were exported from Turkey to Europe. The price of tulip bulbs rose to extraordinary levels before crashing dramatically. A form of tulip mania continues in Turkey today, but only in terms of the vast numbers of tulips to be seen in the parks and gardens of the vibrant city of Istanbul. After enjoying this spectacle, you will tour the Anatolian countryside on your way to the coast, visiting an excellent arboretum, a National Park that is home to scores of rare plants, and the slopes of Spil Mountain, the origin of the aforementioned Manisa tulips. The tour also offers the opportunity to explore some of the peerless archaeological sites to be found in Anatolia, such as Assos with its impressive theatre and Ephesus, the largest classical city to have been excavated. For anyone with an interest in history and with a love of the great outdoors, this tour will provide lasting memories and enjoyable experiences aplenty.

8 days from £1,795pp | Departs 20th April, 2021

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Flower Power in 2021 was published on 8 June 2020