If you're after a bit of holiday inspiration, look no further than the exciting destination of Morocco. Situated just below the Mediterranean Sea, with a fantastic climate and incredibly varied landscapes, it is home to ancient sites as well as bustling souks, and not to mention amazing palaces and vibrant gardens. 

  1. Morocco's historic areas - If you're a lover of history, this is the ideal place to visit. Why? Well, the country is filled with fascinating places and interesting buildings. Take Marrakech, for example. Here, you'll find winding ancient streets that lead to buzzing souks, you'll encounter palaces such as the El Bahira and El Badi, and a 16th-century burial ground known as the Saadian tombs.
  2. The amazing mountains - If you think of Morocco, you might picture desert. However, this country is home to some spectacular mountain ranges, including the Atlas Mountains. A drive through the Atlas Mountains is unforgettable as you'll pass villages tucked away in lush, green valleys and discover just how colourful Morocco's scenery is. 
  3. Delicious regional cuisine - Morocco's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and fantastic climate means that many fruits grow well here, giving texture, colour and sweet flavours to many of the country's tasty dishes. Sit down to enjoy a tagine, dig into a bowl of perfectly seasoned couscous and sip the most refreshing cup of fresh mint tea.
  4. Marvel at dazzling architecture - Head to Morocco and anticipate a visual display of masterful architecture. Brightly coloured buildings, little tiles forming intricate patterns and gorgeous arched doorways abound here – don't forget to bring a good camera!
  5. Shopping at the local souks - Do you love purchasing souvenirs on holiday? If you answered yes, you might want to get yourself to Morocco because the souks there are incredible. Local handicrafts, spices, fabrics and more are all on offer, and the atmosphere of these shopping areas is so exciting. 

Experience it yourself on our Gardens of Marrakech holiday

This 6-day trip departs on 17th April and 5th October 2021, and its highlights include:

• The bustling square of Jemaa El Fna at the heart of the city
• Faded glory at El Badi Palace
• Contemporary style at Le Jardin Secret
• Bright colours and international glamour at the Majorelle
• Delightful flavours and aromas in the Ourika Valley

Click here for the trip's full itinerary.