Gardens of Saint Lucia

Gardens of Saint Lucia


When travelling to the Caribbean you expect sun, sea and beautiful beaches, and while we can promise all of that, this bespoke tour of Saint Lucia takes us much further. Saint Lucia is unique in its natural splendour partially due to its volcanic origin. The soil, rich in minerals, coupled that with the equatorial climate, makes it the perfect place for lush vegetation, where all manner of tropical plants flourish. We not only explore some of the island’s most notable gardens including the Diamond Botanical Gardens and Marantha Prayer Garden but we also visit one of the island’s most famous sustainable farms, the Rabot Estate, where we learn about cocoa growing and processing and craft our very own chocolates.  


A melting pot of cultures with influences from the Arawak and Carib Indians, then later colonial influences from the French, English and Dutch means today’s Saint Lucia has flourished into a truly wonderful place to explore.

St Lucia

9 Days


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What to Expect

  • A visit to the Eclectic Garden nestled at a private home, an oasis in the midst of a bustling neighbourhood
  • The award-winning Diamond Botanical Gardens, where a stunning display of profound beauty of flora and fauna awaits
  • Mamiku Gardens, nestled on St. Lucia's picturesque east coast with a panoramic view of Praslin Bay
  • Visit Project Chocolat where a unique chocolate-making adventure at "Hotel Chocolat" on the historic Rabot Estate awaits

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