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Keukenhof Gardens

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid FAQs

Whilst the risk of contracting COVID-19 on your travels can never be completely eliminated, the risk of transmitting the virus can be significantly reduced. We have always, in partnership with two globally renowned organisations, applied rigorous health and safety checks to our hotels, airlines, cruise ships, coaches, excursion transport and any other significant aspect of our tours. We are going even further, by requiring that these services pass COVID-19 hygiene and cleanliness tests as part of our health and safety protocols. All of our Tour Managers, and any other tour staff will be tested within 24 hours of departure, fully briefed on COVID protocols in destination and up to date with public health guidelines pertaining to your tour. Our 11-point COVID action plan details further measures to keep you safe on tour.

Absolutely. We have travel insurance with specific cover for covid-19 that can be added to your booking from just £17.50pp and you can find out more about it by clicking here. It is important to have cover in place in case you are asked to self-isolate either before or during your holiday and are obliged to cancel your booking.

We have a fantastic flexible booking policy that we hope reassures you to book with us. If you book a tour that departs in 2021, you can amend your booking completely free of charge up to eight weeks before departure. If you book a tour that departs next year, you can either amend or cancel your booking free of charge up until 31st October 2021. Read more about risk-free booking here.

Yes of course.  We can help with completion of any online pre-travel country paperwork or airline COVID-19 forms to travel information both before and after your tour.

We ask that you wear masks while travelling on board our coaches (unless you are medically exempt), in the same way that many airlines will still expect passengers to wear them while flying. This is for both your own protection as well as the safety of others in your tour group. There may also be certain sites, museums and other places on your itinerary that require masks, so please keep one on you throughout your tour with us to avoid encountering any issues.

When international travel restarts in earnest, some destinations may require proof of double-vaccination to allow entry. If such information is available, we will advise it at time of booking, For this reason, and for your health and the health of other participants, we strongly recommend that, unless you are medically exempt, you have both jabs and available boosters before you travel on any Andante tour.

In the UK, COVID-19 measures are still in place at the hotels and sites that we visit and are likely to continue after the 19th July. For the most part these are common sense precautions and we are sure you will already be observing them on a daily basis. Your Tour Manager will brief you about what to expect and what you may need to know on each day.  We will be using large vehicles for the majority of our visits (occasionally access requires the use of smaller vehicles) so it will be possible to spread out and sit independently if travelling solo.  

Official guidelines, which can be found here, currently state that if you are confirmed to have COVID-19, or been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you should self-isolate for 10 days.  If you are on tour you will need to return home if you reasonably can or stay at your hotel during your isolation period, the cost of which would need to be covered by you.  However, starting from the 16th August, anyone who has received both their vaccinations will no longer have to self-isolate if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

We will arrange any COVID tests required during your tour in order for you to be able to fly home, but pre-departure and post-return tests are the individual’s responsibility.

Short term cancellations mean that we will most likely be unable to recover costs from airlines and hotels, and therefore fees will apply as per our booking conditions. This is why we strongly recommend COVID cancellation as part of your insurance cover.


General FAQs

Unfortunately, single room supplements are charges that are often imposed on us as a company when we book rooms for group holidays. However, most hotels do charge less for single occupancy, and we always pass this saving on to our solo travellers in the form of a modest single supplement. We want to assure you that wherever possible, we seek accommodation that offers the lowest single supplement for our valued solo guests. Additionally, we do have a range of holidays with zero single supplement, which you can find on our dedicated page here.

Yes, we do – tailored to your exact requirements! Find out more about this by clicking here.

There’s no fixed limit, but we generally say one large suitcase to go in the luggage compartment and a smaller bag that you can take onto the coach with you. For flight-inclusive holidays, we include a luggage allowance of at least 20kg.

Yes, you can. In the case of front seats, guests with limited mobility are given priority. Please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss any requirements you may have.

Generally, our coaches have reclining seats, air-conditioning and toilets, however this cannot always be guaranteed as sometimes we have to use smaller vehicles. Toilets are recommended for emergency use only and regular comfort stops will be made throughout your holiday while travelling around. 

Travel insurance is required for all overseas holidays and is also strongly recommended for UK holidays – primarily to protect yourself against cancellation charges should you be unable to travel.

Prices start from as little as £20, but please contact our friendly team for questions about specific itineraries or excursions.

Absolutely not. You are more than welcome to spend the day at your hotel or exploring independently should you wish. All we ask is that you inform your Tour Manager, so they are not left waiting for you to join the group.

You will receive detailed joining instructions around 10 days prior to you departure, but you are of course welcome to contact us at any time should you have any queries.

For the most up to date advice, especially as we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, we suggest you check our Travel Alerts page regularly. Alternatively, please get in touch and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

UK garden holidays generally depart from London, with additional pick-ups depending on the route of the coach, while holidays to Scotland depart from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth, with Dundee, Inverness and Aberdeen sometimes included. All Eurostar holidays depart from London St. Pancras and flight-inclusive holidays depart from one or more of the main London airports, with regional flights often available at a supplement. You’ll find the full list of departure points for the holiday you’re interested in on its dedicated page, beneath the itinerary section.

We have an industry-leading action plan in place to keep you safe on holiday with Brightwater, which you can find out more about here. Additionally, we are offering travel insurance with specific cover for covid-19 from just £17.50pp, should you require it.

You need to be able to get on and off the coach unassisted, and most – but not all – coaches have a kneel facility that lowers the front step for ease of boarding. There are typical two or three steps up onto our coaches as well as a handrail. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be taken as long as they fold up and can be stored safely in the luggage hold, and wheelchair users must be accompanied. Lower floor and disability-friendly hotel rooms are available on request.

All holidays are given an activity level based on factors that include distance and terrain walked, time spent travelling on the coach, and so on. These can be seen on each holiday’s page towards the top. The definitions of our activity ratings are as follows:

  1. Gentle – A minimal amount of walking, mainly level ground.
  2. Light – A certain amount of walking, some gently sloping or uneven ground.
  3. Moderate – A certain amount of walking and standing, some sloping or uneven ground and some rough ground, such as archaeological sites.
  4. Active – A fair amount of walking and standing, some rough or uneven ground and steep slopes to consider.
  5. Challenging – Anticipate daily walking, rough or uneven ground, slopes, and possible high altitude where specified.