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A natural wonder in its own right, Argentina is the perfect destination for any lover of the great outdoors. The bustling hub of Buenos Aires provides a striking contrast to the sublime Moreno glacier area, and this demonstrates just how vast the country really is. Snow-capped Andean peaks exist alongside sprawling national parks filled with some of the most jaw-dropping blue-green water you’ll ever see, and modern metropolis cities can be found not far from magnificent wilderness. As for the country’s cuisine, its approach to meat is celebrated and a steak here is often a memorable experience and its fantastic Malbec needs no introduction. Culturally, Argentina is impressive, offering to the world its passionate tango along with rich contributions to the arts and sport alike.

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Country Information - Argentina

  • Visa: In order to enter Argentina as a tourist as a UK citizen, you will not need a visa unless you’re travelling on an Emergency Travel Document. On presentation of a valid British passport, you will be able to stay for up to 90 days. U.S. citizens also won’t require a visa for a visit of up to 90 days.
  • Currency: In Argentina, you’ll need to use the Argentine peso, which is subdivided into 100 centavos.
  • Packing advice: A destination for any lover of the great outdoors, Argentina will probably require a good pair of walking shoes to start with, along with a backpack to fit each day’s essentials. Buenos Aires, however, is a very fashionable city, so feel free to bring something nice for dinners out. Humidity is common during the summer months and the weather here can be changeable, so like many other places it’s advisable to bring clothing that can be layered to Argentina.
  • Language: Spanish is the most largely spoken language in Argentina.
  • Cultural differences: Mealtimes in Argentina tend to be a little later than what European visitors might be used to, but as part of a tour this shouldn’t be a problem. Siestas, due to the heat felt in the summer months, are popular and it’s not unusual to find that many things might be shut down from 12.30pm until 4-5pm.
  • Tipping: Tipping in Argentina is not required and entirely discretionary, although greatly appreciated, so should be part of your stay in the country where possible.