Turin City with Landmark of Mole Antonelliana
Turin City with Landmark of Mole Antonelliana

Visit Italy and prepare to fall in love with its gastronomy, culture and history as you discover its unforgettable cities and towns. Walk in the footsteps of ancient citizens at the haunting site of Pompeii, stand before majestic villas that line the country’s lakes and take a stroll through stunning Mediterranean gardens – the choice is yours. Whichever trip you select, you can rest assured that Brightwater Holidays offers truly glorious Italian garden tours.

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Country Information - Italy

  • Visa - Visas are not required by British citizens in Italy
  • Currency - The currency of Italy is the Euro which replaced the Lira. Major credit cards are widely accepted
  • How to Dress - Most areas are relatively liberal although it is advised that you cover your shoulders and lower body if visiting religious areas such as the Vatican
  • Cultural Differences - Italy is made up of a large variety of regions each with their own history. Italians are family orientated often meeting for large gatherings. Italians have a love of food. They are very passionate and often animated
  • Language - Italian is the primary language. English is widely spoken in tourist regions
  • Tipping - Tipping is not required in Italy