Independence Square, Sofia
Independence Square, Sofia

Bulgaria Overview

Visit Bulgaria, and experience blue flag beaches, purpose-built tourist resorts and cities crammed with history. Due to the country’s diversity, Bulgaria’s culture has Slavic, Greek, Persian and Ottoman influences, making it a wonderfully interesting place to be. There are a great number of religious buildings across the country, with jaw-dropping architecture and so much history behind them.

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Country Information - Bulgaria

  • Visa - British citizens do not require a visa to visit Bulgaria
  • Currency - The currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Lev
  • How to Dress - Most areas in Bulgaria are relatively liberal although it is advised that you cover your shoulders and lower body if visiting religious areas
  • Cultural Differences - Bulgaria is a hierarchical country, which feeds down into family life. They are proud of their history. Over 80% of Bulgarians are of Bulgarian Orthodox religion
  • Language - The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian. English is widely spoken in tourist areas
  • Tipping - Tipping is expected in Bulgaria. 5 - 10% is a reasonable amount