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Visit Belgium, home to striking architecture, picturesque medieval towns and rich history. A country celebrated for its world-class beer and chocolate, Belgium has much more to offer than just its culinary delights. It found itself in the way of many invaders throughout history and here you can find the Waterloo battlefield where Napoleon was defeated, the endless rows of white gravestones at Flanders and many war museums. Belgium’s culture can be observed through visits to its cutting edge art galleries, in the atmosphere found on the patios of coffee shops and bars, and on the cobbled streets of its many distinctive cities.

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Country Information Belgium

  • Visa - British citizens do not require a visa to visit Belgium
  • Currency - The currency of Belgium is the Euro
  • How to Dress - Belgium is fairly cosmopolitan and there isn't such thing as a dress code. The climate is similar to the UK so pack warmer clothes in winter
  • Cultural Differences - Belgium's culture is derived from a mixture of cultures from its neighbours, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. Family values are important in Belgium and the people take pride in their appearance. Belgium people are friendly but can be quite formal
  • Language - The official languages of Belgium are German, Dutch, and French, although about a third speak the old tongue of Walloon and a variant of Dutch, Flemish, is spoken by at least 60%
  • Tipping -Generally a service charge of between 10%-15% is added in restaurants