Meet our tour manager Trevor Edwards

Meet our tour manager Trevor Edwards

An award-winning garden designer, writer and broadcaster, Trevor began his Brightwater journey back in June 2014 and hasn’t looked back since, taking groups to fabulous gardens all over the world, from his home country of Ireland to far-flung destinations like New Zealand.

Do you remember your first tour?

How could I ever forget it! It was a four-day tour in Dublin, Ireland on the occasion of 2014 WAFA (World Association of Flower Arrangers) held in the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) show grounds. I met the groups at Dublin Airport – Brightwater Holidays ran five coach groups based in a few different hotels across the city and I was managing two groups. It was a baptism of fire! However, after the tour I was asked, does Trevor travel? I said he certainly does and as they say the rest is history! I have long lost count of the number of tours I’ve done, but it must be more than 50.

What has been your most memorable moment?

There have been numerous! It’s so difficult to select just one to make the most memorable! I love the challenge of the long-haul tours, so it is going to be a moment that was part of one of those. Focusing in on that, I think I will select the moment at the end of the first garden tour to New Zealand, when I realised I had managed a successful 21-day tour and could just relax!


What’s your favourite thing about leading Brightwater tours?

I believe that Gardens are all about people. The people who own/owned and made them, the people who now look after them and, most importantly, the people who visit them! I love people and see my job as being the link or facilitator to help connect those people!

Tell us about your favourite place to visit with Brightwater

Not an easy question! I am going to ignore my home country of Ireland, whose gardens are always on the favourite list! Thinking outside of the island of Ireland, the things that influence my choice are again related to people. The combined experiences and friendships with our guests, garden owners and the gardeners all contribute to choice of a favourite. And the winner has to be New Zealand.


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