Bure Valley Railway track
Bure Valley Railway track

Why Choose A Rail Holiday With Brightwater Holidays?

If you are hoping to enjoy more rail travel, the team here at Brightwater Holidays are excited to share our full range of escorted rail holidays, which can take you from the UK all the way to India. Due to the increasing popularity of our holidays by train, with itineraries that include our Classic Scottish Steam Break, we have been hard at work creating our biggest-ever collection.

So, why choose Brightwater Holidays? Well, not only have we been putting on award-winning group holidays for 30 years now, we have some special features to our rail holidays that might just tempt you! The hotels we have chosen across the board are mostly 4*, there are some very exciting private tours and visits to places that aren’t open to the public across our itineraries, and we include more for your price. What’s more, no time is wasted as we include activities and visits on the first and last days of our rail holidays while our competitors tend to keep these as free days, and you will get more out of your tour because we move around more rather than staying in the same place throughout. Our rail holidays really are unlike any other out there.

4 reasons to enjoy an escorted rail holiday

Bernina Express

Travel more sustainably

Sustainability is a topic close to many of our hearts and a rail journey is a great option for those of us concerned with this. Journey by train on your next holiday and not only will you support the environment, but you will also avoid pesky traffic and you won’t contribute to the increased carbon footprint that comes with flying.

Settle/Carlisle railway line

Make it about the journey, not the destination

If there’s one thing a rail holiday makes us grateful for, it’s the luxury of time. What better way to be present, to slow down and to enjoy the beauty of the world around us than from a moving train? Instead of arriving exhausted from the journey, it offers a chance to be refreshed and rested, ready for adventure.

Royal Scotsman

Evoke the golden age of travel

For many of us, there is something incredibly nostalgic about rail travel. Whether it’s the smell of a steam train as it chugs along a scenic route or the way the interior of the carriages are decorated, a journey by rail is transportive in more ways than one.

Conic Hill

Slow down and enjoy the view

We are probably all guilty of rushing to make up for lost time after the past few years, but there’s nothing like slowing down and taking it all in. A rail holiday is the perfect antidote to a break that would otherwise pass by in a flash, and we have designed our itineraries to ensure you have plenty of time to absorb your surroundings.

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Why Choose A Rail Holiday With Brightwater Holidays? was published on 1 December 2022