©Passion Play Oberammergau 2022

The Oberammergau Passion Play is both an unforgettable spectacle and icon of European cultural travel.

Epic performances by the citizens of a charming Bavarian village poignantly recount the final days of Christ. The first iteration of the play, which began after locals vowed that if no one else in the village died at the hands of the plague they would reenact the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Christ once every 10 years, took place in 1634. It has only been cancelled a few times in its almost 400-year history, and the 2020 performances were postponed due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. Don’t miss your next chance to experience this once-per-decade phenomenon, which will now be held in 2022.

©Passion Play Oberammergau 2022

Who stars in the Passion Play?

For the 2022 event, Jesus will be played by both Frederik Meyet (who played the same role in the 2010 production) and Rochus Rückel. The latter actor has been confirmed as the second-youngest person to play Jesus in the history of the passion play.

The Experience

A member of the Andante team was lucky enough to visit Oberammergau to watch the Passion Play and she put together this slideshow for us that outlines her experience.

6 Day Itinerary Highlights


Spend the night in the Oberammergau area

A one-night stay in the Oberammergau area. Its glorious mountain setting in Bavaria is the idea base from which to enjoy the legendary Passion Play and to get an authentic feel for the local colour. Another thing the village is known for is its traditional woodcarvers, who have been creating their intricate crafts so expertly since medieval times.

Zillertal Steam Railway

Zillertal Steam Railway

An excursion on the historic Zillertal Steam Railway. This nostalgic narrow gauge railway will take you from Jenback to Mayrhofen, a 32-kilometre route that opened first in 1902, and the charms of journeying through the glorious Zillertal Valley aboard a steam-powered locomotive is sure to enchant any traveller.


Salzburg excursion

A themed excursion in the wonderful Austrian city of Salzburg. For the music lovers among us, choose Mozart. If you’re more of a movie aficionado, opt for our tour centres around the iconic Rogers & Hammerstein film, ‘The Sound of Music’. Both trips include visits to the Hohensalzburg Fortress – built way back in 1077 and sits high above the Baroque historical district – and the stunning Salzburg Cathedral.



A trip to the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck, where a guided walking tour of the beautiful Old Town awaits. Here, we can stroll down the famous Maria-Theresien-Strasse and gaze upon the magnificent Golden Roof. This landmark gets its name from the 2,657 fire-gilded tiles that adorn its roof and was built by Emperor Maximilian.

Tratzberg Castle

Tratzberg Castle

Visit the dramatic Tratzberg Castle, a Renaissance gem among Austria’s stunning castles. Here, you’ll see a splendid courtyard, exquisite parlours and interior walls decorated with images from the 1500s depicting life-sized animals (originally with protruding antlers on the deer) and hunters. Original tools and gadgets are on display within the castle’s many rooms and portraits of Emperor Maximilian’s family can also be seen here.

Lake Constance Highlights

Neuschwanstein Castle

See the legendary Neuschwanstein Castle

On this memorable tour, which of course includes a chance to experience the Oberammergau Passion Play itself, you will pay a visit to the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle. Dreamed up by King Ludwig II, the foundation stone of this magnificent structure was laid in 1869 and the rest, as they say, is history. The castle is situated near the town of Füssen in beautiful Bavaria and it was paid for by Ludwig himself in honour of famed composer Richard Wagner. While it’s not a particularly tall castle, its hilltop position casts an imposing silhouette and it really is a sight to behold. Rumoured to be the inspiration behind the castle in Disney’s 1950s retelling of Cinderella, Neuschwanstein has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany, with over 1 million people visiting it annually. Unsurprisingly, the castle’s interior as extravagant as its façade and Ludwig’s dressing room is a great example, featuring an extravagant ceiling painting along with violet and gold silk décor. 

Insel Mainau

Wander around the garden of Insel Mainau

Mainau is a unique garden island located in Lake Constance, and a destination that is well worth a visit. This 45-hectare island is home to Germany’s second-largest butterfly house, remarkable themed gardens and places to both eat and shop. You’ll explore a stunning Italian rose garden, encounter a Baroque palace and enter a palm house that boasts some truly amazing species. Views over the lake from here are nothing short of breathtaking and walking across the pedestrian bridge to this island is a picturesque experience in itself. 

Tettnang Palace

Experience a taste of the high life

In addition to our visit to Neuschwanstein, this holiday will also take you to Meersburg New Palace and Tettnang New Palace. Meersburg is the former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Constance and boasts not only a staircase designed by Balthasar Neumann, but also a manicured garden with awe-inspiring views over Lake Constance. Construction on this palace began in 1710 and exhibits on display within tell the stories of its history. Tettnang, meanwhile, has a beautiful Baroque interior and the rooms inside are truly opulent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A small village known also for its wood-carvings, Oberammergau is located in beautiful Bavaria in Germany. It is situated among the stunning Ammergau Alps and provides a fantastic base to do some exploring.

To be considered as a performer in the Passion Play, you must either have been born in the village, married to a local for 10 or more years, or lived there personally for 20 years. No exceptions to these rules are made. For the 2020 performance, Jesus will be played by both Frederik Mayet (who played the same role in the 2010 production) and Rochus Rückel. Ruckel has been confirmed as the second-youngest actor to play Jesus in the almost 400-year-old history of the Passion Play.

The play takes around eight hours in total, including a 3-hour interval for dinner.

The play is performed in its original German language throughout, but this doesn't stop people from all over the world travelling to witness it in person. Jesus's story is one of the world's most known, so the ability to understand the language isn't something that will impact your ability to understand and appreciate the performance.

A playbook with an English language translation will also be provided to you, which can be used to follow along and makes for a memorable souvenir.