Peel Castle
Peel Castle

Isle of Man Overview

The Isle of Man – Ellan Vannin – boasts a rich archaeological heritage from the Neolithic period and the Iron Age, a Celtic and Norse past, and times under the control of the Earls of Derby, the Dukes of Athol and then the British Crown. In addition to its historic highlights, this island is also home to an extensive coastline, stunning natural landscapes and unspoilt beaches. If you’ve always wanted to explore a castle that once belonged to an 11th century Viking king, take a ride aboard the longest narrow gauge vintage electric railway system in the British Isles or stand before the largest working waterwheel in the world, this is the place for you.

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Country Information - Isle of Man

  • Visa: UK citizens do not require a visa to visit the Isle of Man and U.S. citizens can visit as tourists for up to 90 days without a visa.
  • Currency: The Isle of Man Pound, or Manx Pound, is the currency of the Isle of Man although sterling is widely used. It’s useful to add that Manx currency cannot be used throughout the rest of the UK.
  • Packing advice: Light cotton clothing is advisable during the summer months as temperatures can get fairly high, although anything you can layer is ideal because the weather throughout the UK tends to be changeable.
  • Language: English is the language of the Isle of Man.
  • Cultural differences: There are very few differences culturally between the residents of the Isle of Man, the rest of the United Kingdom and American citizens.
  • Tipping: Very similar to the rest of the UK, a tip of 10 to 15% is usual for restaurants. However, if this has already been added to the bill, a further tip is not required or expected.