Germany Overview

A country where half-timbered houses sit alongside fairytale castles, and rolling vineyards can be reached through ultra-modern cities; Germany is as beautiful as it is historic. Birthplace of the Brothers Grimm, Beethoven and Albert Einstein, this destination has stories waiting at every turn. Wander among UNESCO-listed Roman remains, savour a traditional pint at one of the world’s most historic beer halls and even head underground to explore tunnels that played a significant part in the war.

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Country Information - Germany

  • Visa: If you’re travelling to Germany from the UK, you won’t require a visa for your stay. For U.S. citizens, you have 90 days to enjoy a holiday in the country. Always ensure that all passports are valid for at least three months beyond the end of your stay.

  • Currency: Germany uses the Euro.

  • Packing advice: Germany tends to have fairly hot summers with mild winters and temperate weather during other seasons. Rain can appear unexpectedly, so pack layered clothing. Comfortable shoes are always wise as streets can be cobbled and any visit will come with a degree of walking.

  • Cultural Differences: Clothing in the country is very western and traditional dress is only usually worn during festivals or special cultural events. Cleanliness and order are preferred in Germany, so don’t be surprised by well-kept street and neat public areas.


  • Language: German is the main language spoken here, although many people will be familiar with English, so communication should be fairly straightforward most of the time.

  • Tipping: Most restaurants, cafés and bars will include service charges on their receipts, but it is still considered polite to round up any bills or to add between 5-10% to your total.