Yuantong, Kunming Temple of Yunnan
Yuantong, Kunming Temple of Yunnan

China Overview

Reasons to visit China are plentiful and it is a scarce experience that any two stories of travel in China are the same. The wonder of this lies in a country dedicated to its 5000-year-old civilization and traditions. China is a country to offer travelers as much or as little as you can consume, from a debated political environment, to progressive modern Chinese culture, an iconic journey of ancient history, to architectural wonders, bestowed religion and a renowned cuisine.

China’s cities will provide an unrivaled high-energy immersion of the senses whilst the lesser populated countryside offers gentler exploration of culture, tradition and landscape, as well as some less known coastal resorts favored by locals.

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Country Information - China

  • Visa - American citizens require a visa to enter China. This must be done in person at a visa application office.
  • Currency - The currency of China is the Renminbi of the Yuan
  • How to Dress - China is a fairly conservative country when it comes to dress. Chinese are often tidy and clean. Trousers are required for men and women in many temples
  • Cultural Differences - Chinese people are very curious of foreigners and often congregate in large groups together. Chinese people will often go to great lengths in restaurants to pay an entire bill rather than split it
  • Language - There are several languages and dialects used in China but the most common language is Mandarin Chinese
  • Tipping - Tipping is not customary in China. Gifts are more widely offered instead of money as a sign of appreciation